Olympic Solidarity Fencing Referees Course Cape Town 1999

Cape Town, Monday 20 July 1999

Congratulations to all 22 of you who participated in the Olympic Solidarity fencing referees course which was co-ordinated by SAAFA in Cape Town earlier this month !

Every one of you qualified as an FIE referee in at least one weapon !  Many added the Foil category to their skills, and to crown it all six of you also qualified as Sabre referees - South Africa can now boat six 3-weapon referees  !

A remarkable achievement which reflects the amount of effort you put into your preparation, and shows that our standards at the tip of Africa are on a par with the rest of the world.

Ioan Pop and Max Geuter (the 2 FIE experts) could not praise the candidates enough.  They repeatedly emphasized how well prepared you were, how intelligent and thoughtful your questions were, and how dramatically you refereeing qualities improved overnight !  That is to say, to them it was obvious that most of you were nervous (and rusty) at the start of the "practical" on Saturday, but that by Sunday morning everyone was performing much better.

They had no hesitation in commending SAAFA for providing a great group of candidates, and a well organized course.
In particular, they were impressed with the concept of linking such a course to a high level championship (our Nationals).  Unlike most other courses they have run in the past, our active interaction with the Nationals provided them with an excellent opportunity to evaluate each candidate thoroughly in a realistic fencing competition environment.

Thank you all for participating enthusiastically and for doing so well - I'm proud of you !

Please find the list of results below.

Kind regards,


1999 FIE referees (C-grade)

Jacqueline  Amm:  F E
Rachael  Barlow:  F E
Reginald  Bopape:  E
Ronald  Dube:  F E
Mikhail  Galoukhin:  F E S
Alex  Hundt:  F E
Charles  Kohler:  F (E)
Ian  Jonker:  F E
Kyle  Jonker:  F E
Marguerite  Langton:  F (E)
Mpho  Nkoane:  E
Glenda  Pieters:  F E
Wiechard  Otto:  F E S
Alex  Raizman:  F (E) S
Ewan  Sellers:  E
Louis  Snijders:  F (E)
Mike  Stafford:  F (E) S
Dario  Torrente:  F E S
Gennady  Tyshler:  F E S
Ingrid  van Beukering:  F E
Peter  Wilding:  E
Godfrey  Zitha:  E

Note:  (E) denotes those who already qualified as Epée referees in 1997.