Fencing is the perfect activity to capture a child’s imagination and hold his or her attention at a young age. Fencing teaches self-discipline, control and hand-eye coordination. It can be taught to groups of children using very little space.


 The system has been developed by Tyshler Fencing School and Leon Paul Fencing Equipment (UK) with the assistance of the Russian State University of Physical Education and the British Fencing Association.  “Mini Musketeers” has many features that makes it perfect for the introduction of fencing into any sports or educational environment, it uses a unique approach, which complements our specially designed foam weapons.

  • A safe, enjoyable and fun activity for children from as young as 8 years old (a notoriously difficult age at which to keep children entertained).

  • It is totally safe and can be used to teach children in an area no bigger than a school classroom.

  • The system provides an educational aspect, including a means for assessing student progress.

  • The weapons are brightly colored and will appeal to children.

  • It provides an excellent springboard for pupils to start the sport of fencing and could lead to them gaining further qualifications.

  • The sport teaches discipline and control.

  • The unusual nature of fencing means that it holds a child’s interest much better than a more mainstream sport.

  • The foam weapons are soft enough to be safe for use wearing only normal gym kit yet stiff enough to fence with properly


One-hour weekly classes provided by qualified instructors at your premises or at "Tyshler fencing school" for R140 per child per month: all equipment included.  Fees are payable per term in advance. For more information contact us  


Tyshler fencing school – 011 792 4338, 0824574543