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specialized training centre
The sport of aristocracy and the stuff of romance – fencing today is the culmination of a centuries old art and it is accessible to everyone.
In 1993 Tyshler Fencing School was opened in Johannesburg, South Africa. A Specialized fencing hall became operational in 1996.  Fencing school directly led by Dr. Gennady Tyshler, President of International Fencing Federation Coaching Council. The modern hall is equipped with 8 fencing pistes, training devices and apparatus. The school is now the largest Fencing school in the country. It has the best facilities, as well as a fencing eauipment shop. Beginners as well as champions are trained in a social but professional atmosphere. All people are welcome, whether your goal is to keep fit or to qualify for our national teams and tour the world.

The sport evolved from the days of duels, fought to the death or first blood, and from the traditions of the sabre-wielding cavalry. From these origins, the use of lethal weapons in combat has evolved into the art of fencing, which comprises the 3 disciplines of foil, epee, and sabre.
Agility, fast reactions, and tactical thinking are the prime requirements for fencers.

MINI Musketeers
Mini Musketeers
Fencing is the perfect activity to capture a child’s imagination and hold his or her attention at a young age. Fencing teaches self-discipline, control and hand-eye coordination.

A safe, enjoyable and fun activity for children from as young as 8 years old (a notoriously difficult age at which to keep children entertained).

was founded by David and Gennady Tyshler in 1990 on the basis of the Russian State Academy of Physical Education. The school has accumulated the vast experience of Soviet fencing methods of training as well as the results of numerous research in to this sport. It trains fencers, coaches, and officials, develops methodological manuals, text books and Supplementary material manuals on the system of training, organization and staging of competitions. The school also carries out scientific research in fencing and makes teaching video films, training software, fencing equipment.

Created by TYSHLER
Tyshler Fencing School represents the strongest fencing institute in Southern Africa.
Walter Sisulu Hall, Randburg Sports Complex
+27 117924338
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